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18 Tips to Make After Effects Faster

Learn ways to speed up Adobe After Effects so that previews and renders are ready quicker. From simple workflow tips to settings to adjust, these ideas will help you spend more time animating and less time waiting!

In this video:

0:44 - Make sure After Effects is updated

1:13 - See how long parts of your animation takes to render

2:19 - Lower the preview resolution

4:06 - Solo the lower/s you need to see

4:42 - Trim layers and crop compositions

5:18 - Use the Region of Interest

5:49 - Trim your work area

6:06 - Temporarily turn off effects

7:41 - Use adjustment layers

8:28 - Close other apps you don't need

8:59 - Delete unused assets

9:08 - Skip frames when previewing

9:50 - Only preview video or audio

10:01 - Decrease the bit depth

10:59 - Use appropriately sized artwork

12:29 - Allocate enough memory for Ae

13:08 - Clean up your computer

13:45 - Reduce the frame rate

14:33 - If something is wrong, clear memory & disk cache

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This video comes from my class, Animation Efficiency: Work Faster in Adobe After Effects. So, if you'd like to learn more ways to work efficiently in After Effects, check it out!

Animation Efficiency:

Animation Efficiency:

Work Faster in Adobe After Effects

Learn how to stay organized, uncover tons of time-saving tips, and discover how you can help your computer run more quickly, all to maximize your efficiency in Adobe After Effects.

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