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Create a Line Art Animation in Adobe After Effects

Learn how to animate line art using trim paths in After Effects.

In this video:

0:00 ☝️ Get started

1:40 ✏️ Animate lines drawing in with trim paths

4:36 ⚖️ Maintain stroke weight when scaling a layer

13:14 🌀 Attach a layer to the end of another layer’s trim path

The flower line art animation in this tutorial was originally created as part of the class project for my class Smooth Moves. If you're looking to level up your motion design skills, you'll need to master the graph editor, and this class will help you do that!

Smooth Moves

Smooth Moves

Better Motion with Animation Curves in the Graph Editor

Learn animation fundamentals, how to analyze motion, and how to read and manipulate the graph editor to create more realistic, interesting, and professional looking animations.

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