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A Complete Curriculum

For Learning Motion Design in Adobe After Effects

Use this as a guide for what order to take my 15 classes in. It's like a create-your-own-adventure curriculum for learning motion design in After Effects!

Abstract representation of the inner workings of Adobe After Effects

Intimidated by After Effects?
Let me introduce you.

Get up and running in just 20 minutes with this After Effects Orientation Video. Or, jump right into one of my beginner classes.

Get Started

Get Started

These classes are for complete beginners. Complete at least one.

Adobe After Effects Fundamentals

After Effects Fundamentals

These videos & guides are designed to help you quickly learn or remember fundamental skills in After Effects.

Check it out

Keep Practicing

These are optional, but you’re going to need to practice somehow! Take in any order.

Master These Essential Skills

The skills and techniques covered in this class are foundational for good animation.

Keep Practicing and Get into Character Animation

These are optional but recommended. Either (or both) character classes are great intros into character animation.

Level Up Your Workflow

These classes will help you become a more efficient motion designer. Take all that interest you, in any order.

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